"Smoothing the Rough" and "Leveling the Mountains"
Though available separately, these two hand-printed reduction woodcuts go hand in hand. Each used two Shina Plywood blocks and 24 and 25 Akua Intaglio colors to produce 8 limited-edition prints on Shin Torinoko White paper. The troubles of our time have sent us down some rough roads and raised obstacles which often appear as insurmountable mountains, but the divine and human energies around and within us are able to smooth those roads and level those mountains for a bright and beautiful new day! It's a hopeful transformation that unfolds with the printing of every new color or line, as with every healthy step, fresh breeze and caring conversation!

A personal note: These woodcuts evolved from the words of our pastors to us during the pandemic of January in 2021, who told us that we were as courageous as the Hebrew exiles. Feeling helpless and victimized, they changed my perspective. We can live courageously whatever the difficult circumstances of our lives!

                                  each $325 matted and framed
Sand River Art
Woodblock Prints (Woodcuts)
by Ben Bohnsack

3140 State Highway M28 East
Marquette, Michigan 49855
(c) Ben Bohnsack, 2021
All rights reserved
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