Woodblock Prints (Woodcuts)
by Ben Bohnsack

3140 State Highway M28 East
Marquette, Michigan 49855
(c) Ben Bohnsack, 2019
All rights reserved.
I often draw in pen or pencil, especially as we travel. It's fun and relaxing, while providing good memories of great times. Some of those drawings are also for sale in various forms on my Fine Art America website.
I've also published a book!
Extractions: Personal Stories
Anecdotes once part of sermons,
taken out of context and retold, just to remember...
"In the process of preaching across 36 years...I often told personal stories abaout myself and those close to me...It's those personal stories which appear here. I simply extracted them from the contexts in which I used them in order to preserve the memories... Parishioners, friends, neighbors and strangers may chuckle and shake their heads whether or not they know the people and place involved... So, browse these pages as you wish. I'm unabashed!"                                                             (from the Introduction)
Click on the photo to go to Blurb.com where the book
can be ordered either in paperback or e-version.
Sand River Art