I make woodblock prints (Woodcuts) inspired by landscapes, creatures and human enterprises in our world, especially centered in life in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is my way of saying that these things are valuable - they truly matter! As you see them, I hope that you think so too.
--Ben Bohnsack

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These are my latest work...
After going to the "Immersive Van Gogh" show and seeing his colorful and imaginative work moving across the walls, floors and ceilings of the exhibit hall, I began to ponder abstraction as a concept of art. That turned me loose to try my own hand at creating some colorful blossoms through more spontaneous carving. I began my artwork working with representational designs, each carefully engineered. I'm learning more and more to let that go and to follow the impulses of my heart and hand...

"After Seeing Van Gogh"

Four Prints made
as Artist in Residence
at Bonifas Arts Center

My series of three "Sand River Bay" woodcuts were entered in the Bonifas exhibition "Northern Exposure XVIII" and won an award for me as Artist in Residence for a week at the Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba. In March this year I stayed at Bayside BnB and focused on creating simple, mostly one color, woodcuts each day. I taught a workshop and hosted many visitors who stopped by my studio to see what I was doing.
My Bonifas Studio
My Workshop Class
Words "Sand River" scratched into the beach sand
Sand River Art
Woodblock Prints (Woodcuts)
by Ben Bohnsack

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